We are planning six workshops – three of them are going to take place online, three will be held on-site (if possible). The workshops will combine public lectures with group-internal discussion rounds. The dates and venues will be announced in due course.

Meetings 1&2 : Usage-based theory and multilingual language acquisition

The first two meetings are dedicated to discussing theoretical concepts of multilingual language acquisition from a usage-based perspective, thus establishing a common ground among all network members, who come from slightly different, albeit highly compatible theoretical backgrounds.

  • Meeting 1: Constructing Languages: Usage-based approaches to multilingual first language acquisition (planned for October 6-7, 2022, LMU Munich)
  • Meeting 2: Approaches to transfer phenomena in multilingual first language acquisition

Meetings 3&4: Data and methods

Data handling, annotation, and analysis will be at the center of the next two meetings. We discuss how to annotate our data in a way that makes comparisons across language pairs possible while also taking differences between the individual languages into account.

  • Meeting 3: Annotating child language corpora: Challenges and solutions
  • Meeting 4: Analyzing transfer phenomena in multilingual first language acquisition: Methods and tools

Bringing together theory and method: Case studies

The last two meetings are dedicated to an in-depth discussion of the network members’ joint projects. We take stock of the results obtained over the previous years and discuss perspectives for future collaborations.

  • Meeting 5: The building blocks of multilingual language acquisition: Corpus-based approaches to early linguistic multi-competence
  • Meeting 6: Developing theory and research methods for multilingual child language acquisition – Summary and outlook